International Seminar on “Research Impact Publishing and Profiling”


An International Seminar on “Research Impact, Publishing and Profiling” had been conducted by Kerala library Association in collaboration with School of Marine Science, Cochin University on 3rd January 2014. The seminar was inaugurated by Prof.(Dr.)K. Poulose Jacob, Pro.Vice-Chancellor of CUSAT. The inaugural function was presided by Prof. (Dr.) K. Sajan, Registrar in charge and Dean, faculty of Marine Sciences Prof.Dr. P.Pichappan, Visiting Professor, Zhejiang University of Technology, China and University of Zululand, South Africa felicitated. Dr C.A Babu, Coordinator and Director, School of Marine Sciences, CUSAT welcomed the invitees and the Participants and Mr. P.J Manuel, Convener and President, KLA Ernakulam region delivered the vote of thanks.

There were more than 130 Research Scholars, Professors and Librarians from various Universities and colleges and Library professionals participated in the seminar The topics were presented by Dr. P. Pichappan and Dr. J.K. Vijayakumar. There was a panel discussion and feedback at the end and the seminar was closed with a Valedictory function.

Technical Sessions

A panel discussion on ‘Research impact, publishing and profiling’ was held at School of Marine Science Auditorium between 4 and 5 P. M. The Panel discussion was presided by Dr.P.Pichappan and Dr.J.K.Vijaykumar,the resource persons of the seminar. The panel also included Prof.(Dr.)I. S. Bright Singh,the founder and Coordinator of National Centre for Aquatic Animal Health (NCAAH), Cochin University of Science and Technology. He has completed tenure as Director, School of Environmental Studies and Dean, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Prof.(Dr.)A. A. Mohamed Hatha, HOD of Department of Marine Biology, Biochemistry and Microbiology and Dr. Jayesh, Post doctoral fellow under Dr. Bright Singh.

Dr. Vijayakumar initiated the discussion and asked the Panel members to convey their views to the other participants of the seminar about the International seminar.

Dr. I. S. Bright Singh explained the participants how a literature search and proper planning in the beginning of a research work would be helpful so that the problems could be envisaged in the beginning itself. He also stressed that the funding from our Indian Government to encourage researchers is to be improved so that quality works could be done. This can be conveyed on two kinds of audience: International and National level. Accordingly paper can be published.

Dr. Mohammed Hatha at the beginning itself thanked the organisers especially Mr.P. J. Manuel ,Convener and President ,KLA and the Librarian of School of Marine Sciences for organising the Informative seminar. He also exclaimed that the Seminar had great impact on the research community and he also congratulated Dr. P. Pichappan and Dr.Vijayakumar the resource persons and speakers of the earlier sessions for their lions share in explaining various citation indices very well and imparting a clear idea on various aspects of research publication and profiling. He stated that most of the researchers even though are working really hard find lacunae which is in writing their manuscript and fail to update their data to the scientific community. Moreover he suggested that students must develop commitment to the research and have to do lot of thinking which would help them to bring out the best in them.

Dr. Jayesh shared about his interview experience and he stressed on the need to publish the research papers in high impact journals and explained how quality papers are always expected in the Interviews. He also conveyed the seminar to be very informative for the participants from scientific community.

Speaker Dr. Vijayakumar gave a fruitful suggestion that people with expertise in writing skills in Research must be made to give special training to Indian researchers and they must collaborate and work with them so that improvisation in their writing in research papers can be expected. He also conveyed that UGC must make available the free access to electronic resources by disseminating knowledge to researcher, this finally would help our country’s research publications improve.


Dr.P.Pichappan explained the importance of Language and presentation skills for communicating the research information effectively. He stressed the importance of good translators for presenting the data in a clear way .The need for open data repositories in our country is very high and large amount of data is prerequisite for the paper publications so he suggested that each researcher must get access to most part of the literature.

The panel discussion continued with some very informative questions raised from the audience which were answered in a very organised and informative way by the resource persons and the other panel members. A participant even gave a suggestion for the formation of Editorial Board for CUSAT which would help the young researchers and the participant Dr. Venu G.Nair requested for an extension centre. After an active session of questions and suggestions Dr.Vijayakumar thanked everyone gathered, participants from KLA and CUSAT ,Shibu Roy and Mr.P.J.Manuel for the conduct of the wonderful seminar.

Seminar is windup with a short valedictory function, Dr. Babu C. A., Director of School of marine Sciences distributed certificate to Dr. Bright Sing, Dr. Muhamed Hathaand Dr. Jayesh. Sr. Ashritha expressed vote of thanks to all who gathered the function.

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