Paradigm Shift in Libraries: A Festschrift to Rev. Fr. Jose Viruppel

Paradigm Shift in Libraries


The book titled “Paradigm Shift in Libraries” is published as an E-book under Creative Common License so that anybody can access, read, share and download the book from anywhere free of cost. The Book consists of articles reflecting the modern views of libraries and librarians. There is a drastic change in all aspects of the library from the traditional libraries to the modern libraries. An inevitable shift from the traditional functions and services has become necessary today.  The book includes ten papers dealing with various topics such as shift of the role of librarians to cybrarians, newly garbed libraries, user approach to the services of a library, proposal for a union catalogue of libraries of institutions in higher education, study on N-LIST, need for developing information literacy skills in e-learning environment, personal learning network for professional development, selection and management of Linux operating systems in libraries, the role of face book pages in libraries, and Scientometric study of open access psychology journals.

On behalf of Kerala Library Association, Kottayam Region, we thank all the contributors for their valuable contribution to the release of this festschrift.

Annu George, Savithry T.K., Vimal Kumar V., and Jasimudeen S., eds. Paradigm Shift in Libraries: A Festschrift to Rev. Fr. Jose Viruppel. Kottayam: Kerala Library Association, 2015.

Table of Contents
Fr. Jose Viruppel
1. User’s Approach in the H.T. Parekh Library, IFMR, Chennai: A Study
M. Panduranga Swamy & Dr. Avineni Kishore
2. Transforming Librarians to Cybrarians
Humayoon Kabeer P
3. Union catalogue of libraries of institutions of higher education in Kerala: A proposal
Sanjo Jose
4. National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly content(N-LIST): a Study
Mini G. Pillai & Aparna P.R
5. Newly Garbed Libraries
Patricia Robin
6. Likes, Comments & Shares: The role of Facebook Pages in Libraries
Arun, V. R. & Ashkar, K
7. Selection and Management of Linux operating System in Library and Information Centres
Vimal Kumar V.
8. Need for Developing Information Literacy Skills in E-Learning Environment
Laila T. Abraham
9. Personal Learning Network: A powerful Tool for Professional Development
S. L. Faisal
10. Psychology Journals in DOAJ: A Scientometric Study
Fr. Tijomon P. Issac & Dr. Dominic J.