The Common Pool Conundrum


The above given equalization of qualifications had been set by the Kerala Public Service Commission for the appointment of  Librarians, Grade IV,  in the Department of Municipal Common Service. (See the latest Notification, Gazette Date: 15/09/2012 and  Category No: 476/2012 – 479/2012).

It is evident that this over simplification of facts along with the negligence shown towards establishing quality Libraries in the State by the administrators is the root cause of the deplorable state of ‘Common Pool Libraries’ in Kerala.

Download the notification for Librarian, Grade IV

Download the notification for Librarian, Grade III

2 thoughts on “The Common Pool Conundrum

  1. This is the state of affairs all through the years. No body is concerned about giving quality library service, especially the bureaucrats.You cannot change the situation overnight. Let us continue our fight and represent our cause.

  2. Many of management colleges and selfinancing colleges are giving equal designations to both Certificate course holder and graduate holders in LIS.This will affect the quality of library profession in Kerala.

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