Online Talk: ‘Growth Mindset for a Success Oriented Communication’, Sept. 19, 2021; 7 PM

Kerala Library Association-Kottayam Region cordially invites you to the Online ‘Talk Growth Mindset for a Success Oriented Communication’ By Smt. Rasheeda Madani, Certified Life Coach & Career Strategist,Assistant Professor of EnglishSt. Peter’s Institute of Higher Education and Research,Avadi, Chennai on 19th September, 2021 (Sunday) at 7.00pm.

The session is organised by Kerala Library Association-Kottayam Region in collaboration with All Kerala Research Scholars Association (AKRSA)-Mahatma Gandhi University Unit.


1.Growth mindset and its importance to achieve a goal

2. The Paleo limbic YOU!*3* Passion vs. Purpose: why we fail to communicate effectively?

4. Identifying your mindset persona: how to work on a workable persona?

5. Awareness, Perspective and Action for a successful communication: Tools

JOIN on Google Meet :

No Registration Required.

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