2 thoughts on “Librarian Logo released at the Women Librarians’ Meet

    • Dear Mr Leeladharan,

      Happy to know that the “Librarian Logo”, as we captioned, kindles some thoughts.

      Yes, the basic logo has been considered as the universal symbol for Libraries (and the logo of the National Library of the US, as you mentioned) and was introduced by ALA. As far as we know, ALA is definitely not against in using the logo for library/librarian promotions around the globe. Objectives of this initiative are to increase the awareness about the profession among the society at large and to boost the confidence level of every Library Professional. Everyone knows what a logo means to Doctors, Advocates, etc. In this version, the basic library logo is slightly modified by adding the title “LIBRARIAN” on a dual circular background. The colour and combinations are kept intact. We hope that this logo may be used to specifically indicate the professional, since the title is included. After the release, we are getting very positive and encouraging responses from Library professionals from around the country and abroad. Kindly understand our intentions, not technicalities.

      Kerala Library Association is trying to regain the uniqueness and individuality of Library Professionals through these initiatives. We are certainly not to make it a mandatory thing. You have the freedom to choose it or not. But we surely like to see it everywhere, and of course, where a “Librarian” is live and ticking.

      Thanks for your communication.

      With regards
      For KLA
      S.L.Faisal, Member, Executive Committee

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