The Top 200 Jobs of 2012: Librarian ranked as 61st

By Victoria Brienza

Finding your dream job requires more than just hoping the stars will align in your favor. You probably have a better chance of winning the lottery than having the job fairy deliver you the perfect job just when you need one. In fact, you likely ended up in your current career because you followed in your parent’s footsteps (or heeded their advice), or you took a job because it was something you thought might be “cool” to do. Perhaps a teacher suggested your current career path, or maybe a job simply “opened up” just when you needed one.

Landing the job that’s right for you – that’s a good match for your skills and interests – requires soul-searching, some trial and error and lots of research.

With the Overall Score: 804.00and Income: $55,147.00 Librarian is ranked in the 61st place in the Top 200 Jobs of 2012.


Courtesy: CareerCast



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