Act Now for School Libraries: KLA Memorandum to MoE, Govt. of Kerala

Kerala Library Association has been struggling to get a solution from various Governments in the appointment of professionally qualified School Librarians in all Govt and Aided schools in Kerala for the last one decade.

This fight for qualitatively revamping the school education system in the State through well organized and resourceful libraries and professionally equipped  Librarians deserves immediate attention from the policy makers and the society at large.  Umpteen number of studies conducted nationally and in different parts of the world proved that School Libraries are very much integral in a dynamic student centered education environment and their role in developing skills which are essential for a 21st century learner is crucial.

Here is the memorandum submitted to the Minister for Education, Govt. of Kerala, on 6th February 2012 on the demand of KLA on setting up  School Libraries in Kerala with LIS Professionals (kindly double click on the image to enlarge it).

Since, the call is for an intervention from each and every citizen of this country, particularly from the State of Kerala, who cares for the existence of a  confident, skilled and well educated new generation, this document remains open.


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