UGC NET Exam New Pattern

Paper III has now been made Objective Type. But, I feel that  for a discipline like LIS, descriptive type of questions will have its own merits/advantages. As a practicing Librarian / Researcher / Academician, what is your opinion ?

Sadasivan  KP, President, KLA

11 thoughts on “UGC NET Exam New Pattern

  1. Since the no. of candidates who pass in NET exam is very few every year in the current system, let’s see how the new model works.

  2. Both descriptive and objective has its merits and defects. But being a competitive exam, it is better that MCQ’s are adopted. This is good for every one. Authorities, evaluators, and scholars. This systems is accepted world over, and there is no reason why it should not be adopted by UGC also.

  3. Why should worry about objective.?
    If quality and standard are important.
    why UGC gives reservation for SC/ST and OBC in marks.
    This unjustice must be stoped.Don’t worry about
    objective or descriptive.
    IIM/IIT/GATE exams are objective type


  4. I also support objective type exam..i think more hard work should be needed for clear the test than the descriptive ..the discrimination based on the caste should be banned .

  5. I strongly support the objective type as the no. of passed candidates are very few in every year. Let us see the results

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